Who Does Asphalt Driveway Repair Jobs in Holdingford & Little Falls, MN?

Count on our pros to make your pavement look like new

Tired of looking at a damaged driveway? Reach out to Ultra Shield Sealcoating Inc. to repair your cracked and dull asphalt. For over 11 years, our crew has provided sealcoating and crack filling services for home and business owners in Holdingford & Little Falls, MN.

Large cracks in your asphalt can come from:

Heavy traffic
Asphalt shrinkage
Asphalt overlays
Frost damage
Base layer failure

Repair the damage without replacing your driveway - call 612-297-9891 now to schedule sealcoating and crack filling services.

How is driveway damage hurting you?

Why is it important to get your asphalt driveway repair job done? Cracks in your asphalt can:

  • Decrease your property value
  • Ruin your curb appeal
  • Damage your tires

After your driveway is cleaned off, we’ll apply professional-asphalt emulsion using a high-pressure spray to fill in cracks completely. This sealcoating will usually last 3-5 years.
Don't wait – contact the experts in Holdingford & Little Falls, MN to get your asphalt driveway repair done ASAP.