Prepare Your Asphalt for Winter Weather in Holdingford & Little Falls, MN

Get asphalt sealcoating services to ensure your driveway endures the ice

As a resident of the Midwest, you're probably used to the harsh freezes and rapid thaws that are common during Holdingford & Little Falls, MN winters. Unfortunately, your asphalt features never get used to the constant freezing and expanding of water, which can make cracks worse. Protect your driveway before the first freeze of the year by getting asphalt sealcoating services from Ultra Shield Sealcoating Inc.

Wondering what other elements asphalt sealing can protect your driveway from? Check out our Home page now for a full list.

Check out the benefits of sealcoating

Trying to clean off a driveway or parking lot that’s covered in cracks is a nightmare. Whether you want to blow off grass and leaves or power wash months of grime off your pavement, the job will be a lot easier if you’re working on a smooth surface. Asphalt sealcoating can give you that.

Other benefits of our asphalt sealcoating services include:

  • Retaining heat from the sun, so the snow melts faster in the winter
  • Boosting your curb appeal and making a better first impression
  • Making it easier to see line striping in parking lots

To learn more about the advantages of asphalt sealing, call 612-297-9891 today to speak with our contractor in Holdingford & Little Falls, MN.